NocBox AI
The Gateway to Intelligence


Nocbox AI

Secure Edge Intelligence with IoT

Inferencing not just at the Edge - it IS the Edge.

Powerful Inferencing

Edge inferencing. Powered by NVIDIA's next generation Ada Lovelace Architecture.

AWS IoT Greengrass Ready

AWS IoT Greengrass v2 and Accellerator ready. Train in the cloud and run Inferencing on Nocbox AI.

Protected IoT

Unified Threat Management with end to end protected data transmission for your entire IoT network

Integrated LPWAN Gateway

Connect hundreds of IoT devices from miles away. No monthly cellular fees on devices!

How Nocbox AI Works

Watch how Nocbox AI revolutionizes AI


What is Nocbox AI?

Nocbox AI is a next generation all-in-one Edge Intelligence and Unified Threat Management appliance that provides blazing fast inferencing combined with an itegrated LPWAN wireless IoT gateway. Think of it as an extremely powerful wireless router that orchestrates AI securely across a network of IoT.

  • Powerful AI.
    Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture.
  • Military Grade Firewall/Router
    Unified Threat Management & VPN.
  • API Integration
    Standard API connectivity.
  • Cloud Kindred
    Nocbox AI complements Cloud AI.
  • Secure IoT Isolation
    Engineered for IoT security.
  • End to End Encryption
    Keeping data integrity.
    Integrated Low Power Wide Area Networks.
  • Simplifying Industry 4.0
    All in one solution.

Why NocBox AI?

Enhancing AI interconnectivity and response time, making your entire network work smarter while protecting mission critical data.

Powerful Ada GPU

Optimized platform for AI

Cloud Companion

Train in the Cloud, inference locally


Long Range Wireless IoT Connectivity

Edge Repsonsive

AI at the speed of Edge computing

Power Efficiency

A single power efficient appliance

Add Value

Replace Cellular IoT, save money


for All Industries

NocBox AI can be tailored to enhance any industry.

Unique Features
  • Patented Hyper-Converged inferencing infrastructure
  • LPWAN IoT - Extremely long range wireless connectivity
  • Military grade security
  • AWS IoT Greengrass v2 ready
  • Train on the Cloud - inference locally on the Nocbox AI
  • NocBox to NocBox encrypted connectivity - Site to Site private and secure connectivity.

NocBox Front View
  • Financial/Banking
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Restaurant/Entertainment
  • Universities/Education
  • Municipal/City Governments
  • Information Technology Departments
  • Aeronautics/Satellite
  • Manufacturing

Real World Applications

NocBox 1.0 in Action: Protecting a multi-million dollar clean room.

NocBox Clean Room
NocBox Security
NocBox tailored for NIU's Engineering Clean Room.
See the configuration list below:
  • Firewall & UTM
  • IoT Sensors
  • Network Atached Storage
  • PLC Controller


Partners, investors, and the intrigued are welcome and encouraged to reach out.